Monday, February 20, 2017

In Sweden

You look at what's happening in Sweden

If you can bear it the full speech is here

2 things appear to be quite clear

- No terror attack has been reported in Sweden on Friday as was stated by Donald Trump in his speech

- There was however a Fox News report about troubling issues related to Immigration into Sweden

I have to conclude that since no Swedish Government source can confirm any Friday terrorist attack and that no US Government spokesperson could confirm it either, then it seems likely that Donald Trump is indeed getting his World news update from Fox News.

You really could just not make this kind of thing up, could you.

To me what Donald Trump has directly spoken, and please check these other sources,  really qualifies as fake news

In Politics those caught in a lie are normally dismissed or resign.  Just ask Michael Flynn.

Socratic Paradox
Plato's report of Socrates "I know that I know nothing" or what I shall corrupt to "I know that there is a problem" is a phrase to describe Donald Trump's vision.

To Marcus it is undeniable and clear that the USA and much of Western Europe does have major systemic problems in regard to Jobs, Immigration, and I would argue false entitlement  (societally: we deserve it), and delivery  (Governments and Individuals will borrow to afford it regardless).

Listing problems is easy,  but fixing problems is not so simple, especially if

- the 'others' you have targeted as principally responsible, are not
- In fact a 'complex solution' to obvious problems is all that can be attempted.
- And that even complex solutions may not work
- And that nothing works quickly in the realms of International Trade and Tarrifs.

To take a lesson from the UK's BREXIT.  Extracting the UK from the European Union must be done (by law) in 24 months after article 50 is triggered.  Most UK and EU sources believe this is not time enough.

Simple solutions belong in the playground with the Children, not on the Interconnected World Stage