Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Geneva Motor Show: Who is With Me?

Geneva Motorshow Buildup

Even though with Palexpo halls being about 40 minutes drive away I could be considered a tad biased, I honestly feel that Geneva Motor Show is one of the best Motorshows of the year.

In fact I'd say the best

So what do you need to know?

- 09 to 19 March 2017 at Geneva Palexpo Halls, Geneva Switzerland

- The official website is here 

- The Exhibition halls are actually physically walking distance from the Airport

- Easyjet flies to Geneva Switzerland

- For dumbos, please remember Switzerland is not in the EC !

- Flights permitting you can easily fly in, Do a full day of Show and fly home

- For those with deeper pockets I'd spend a full weekend or even a few days at the dhow

- Obviously at weekends, or after working hours the show gets impossibly crowded.  Best avoid if you can

- Our home town of Lausanne is about 45 minutes away by Train.  If you were booking a hotel then you could consider Lausanne not Geneva, we'd like your business here, it's much more beautiful, and cheaper too.

- You can book online for 16 CHF here

- This is the Autocar preview here

- This is the EVO magazine preview here

If you are interested in cars, or in fact just looking at cars and not buying a new one  (far cheaper!) then I can heartily recommend Geneva.  What are you waiting for?