Thursday, February 23, 2017

First Cycle 2017


Yes, today, with 12 degree plus outside temperatures in Lausanne Marcus and Agata just could not wait to get on our bicycles for the first time in 2017

But  2017 the game has moved on....

I have already espoused the mantra that Daily exercise is something that should be part of everybody's life. Being fitter and healthy is of course not just about exercise, but requires positive diet and lifestyle choices too.  However the no exercise viewpoint,  because you know I'm just so busy is really short-term ism.

In the longer term bad health renders you less capable to live your life happily, or to work effectively, and most importantly places you as a burden to society.  In Westernised societies, "we"  are then forced to [expensively]  put right your health issues, or at least try to stem or decrease the rate of your decline.

And everybody really knows this, however I still think it helps to say it.   People so often push these obvious statements to the back of their mind.

Upping the Game in 2017

Increasingly in Marcus and Agata's new vocation and lifestyle choice as Athletes leads us to realise that exercise norms even for us have ramped up:

It used to be that Daily Exercise was the norm, but somehow seasonal: At certain times of the year a Pause could be initiated due to the weather. Especially for example in rainy England.

This is no longer true.  The new fitness standard for many is

- Daily Exercise
- There is no off season.  You need to practise your sport or sports 365 days of the year if possible
- But say during the winter,  when Cycling may be difficult, partially substitute say Nordic Skiing or Indoor Swimming to take up the slack

Combination Exercise
The other trend that is necessarily developing is integrating your exercise into your day.  And please, I am really not talking about Standing Desks  (of which I am quite a critic).

But for example Cycling to Work, or Part Scootering to Work.  In other words replacing part of your daily travelling with Exercise.

The BabySitters
And so to prove a point, yesterday instead of driving to my babysitting appointment, Marcus cycled. First non trivial cycle of 2017.  Wahoo!

 In summary:  Keep Exercising!