Thursday, February 16, 2017

England: Just too Easy

Father Ted: Charades   (Too Easy)

Indeed,  today Marcus realised how living in the UK, as compared to Switzerland can sometimes be so, so, so easy.

 Marcus drove to a UK shopping centre.  Coming back and about to enter on the drivers side I noticed that the front wheel had what looked like 2 nails embedded into the tyre.

In such a situation

DONT remove the nails!   Our motorhome and it is typical does not have a spare tyre, and even if it did,  no scissor style jack would be strong enough (so they don't supply a jack either).

Instead using my excellent Smartphone and 3 SIM I googled Replacement Tyres sellers.

0.7 miles away, and open at 17.00.

I drove over

Less than half an hour later all was done.  I would expect that the replacement tyres and labour would be frighteningly more expensive and I'm pretty sure the number of shops in our home in Lausanne who can change commercial vehicle tyres is between small and zero.

So thanks GB.   You were great.  So Great.