Saturday, February 25, 2017

Don't throw it all away

Given the title I had wanted to start this posting with Don't Throw It All Away but really that song is far too morose and we'd like to chronicle a happy not sad situation.

The Driveway

Sooner or later, and with the usual caveats like: legality, and Internet connectivity, we plan to move from Lausanne.  This is our prospective new driveway.   It is 1.1Km long so we are already planning to measure and mark a kilometre section.   Morning Hill rep practise here we come!

Don't throw it all Away
What you see above is some plugs that Marcus has been saving for a little over 15 years.  As Engineers we can use the mantra We just knew that theywould come in handy

But more seriously in a house move you have to decide what to keep and what to discard.  Our full list of items for sale, at very reasonable prices is here

As you can see, the sale of these items is not going to pay even for the petrol costs of moving.  It's more about finding these items a new home rather than the dumpster.

One nice consequence is that things at home are beginning to look really Zen.  Ultra minimalist.   We like!

The Big 3
We are firm believers in the rule:  Don't change more than 2 of the following at one time

- Your Partner
- Your Job
- Your Home

You will be glad to hear that we are following this mantra obediently.

Learning Points

- Take our advice: Never change the /dangerous three/ all at once

- In our lives humility and realistic expectations are the key

- We spent over 1.5 years looking for the right country and place that matches our expectations and budget. Never rush these important life changes

- In the Marcus and Agata team, and we suggest in your team,  the most able person to tackle the issue challenge,  starts first,  with the partner as willing (not reluctant assistant)

Blues Brothers: Rawhide