Monday, February 06, 2017

CES 2017, Part 2

Marcus and Agata continue our coverage of CES 2017.  Today a report on day 2, January 06,  2017

Just Another Smartphone
CES is not the preferred Smartphone announcement arena.  That is reserved for Mobile World Congress MWC 

We continued to see however a plethora of lower cost Android handsets like the ZTE Axon 7.  The dirty secret is that in the competitive Android marketplace, new [hardware] features are constantly released but Android OS levels lag.  So many consumers will upgrade, for not much cost, to obtain an even more impossibly powerful phone that they don't actually really need, with a current OS.

Compare this to the Apple marketplace where Hardware features are dribbled out ensuring consumers have to buy the latest product to stay with Hardware advances.

I think most would agree the Smartphone arena is now logically saturated.  If consumers would stand back they'd hold off from  purchasing the latest and greatest, realising they already only use a fraction of their current phones potential.   But shhh, don't tell anybody.

MWC Barcelona

BlueLounge CableDrop

What a great idea.

The rise of the Titans
Two stands overpowered my senses as to demonstrate the power of new China.  

First in the diversity and range of products, Xiaomi is producing bicycles,  LeEco is looking at Cars.  But mainly price.  I don't feel that Europe can ever hope to compete in this space at this price, and America, several times worse.   For Xiaomi hardware below, click to enlarge, and check the prices.

Xiaomi China

35 USD for an 802.11ac router

11 USD for Xiaomi headset vs how much for Apple airpods?

Xiaomi high end bicycles!

14 USD Smart Weight Scale

Like Xiaomi, LeEco had professional looking products and professional displays every inch as good as any European competitor.

LeEco Gene 

LeEco is considering road bikes.  They hit the news in November with this announcement, the above are more conventional top of the line spec'd (Dura Ace) machines

LeEco Gene E-scooter VIPER

7.7Kg Electric scooter, range 14Km, no brake seen.

LeEco started and are famous for their TV's which they keep making larger and larger.


Yes we saw the prototype laptop that was famously stolen at the end of the show

Razer Blade Pro

GTX 1080 included
The promo video

NUU Connect i1
The promo video is worth watching but basically this is a hotspot allowing 5 devices to connect to it allowing you global data roaming in over 100 countries.  
We like!  

Hyper Adaptor

If you neglected to understand that the 2016 Macbook Pro will be replaced in 2017, probably adding new Intel and ports,  and you went and bought in 2016, then this device may be essential.

Opso Smart Lock
One of 2 fingerprint sensing locks I saw.  (Other was TouchLock Fingerprint lock from BIO-key International ).  Unfortunately neither website refers to the products that we saw :-(

N-Show dressing Mirror

This product allows a clothes retailer to show you what you will look like wearing their product.  I think a fantastic idea but research shows it was produced in 2015 and I've never seen it in use.

First the irritation which is that the Garmin booth was not located where all the other fitness wearables were.  Shame on you Garmy.

What everybody in the know was looking for was the Fenix 5 GPS smartwatch.

Now available in 3 sizes and with each size some difference e.g regular and sapphire.  Also 10 second interchangeable straps, perhaps one for the office and the other for the Gym etc.  As usual goto DC rainmaker for a definitive review.


I referred yesterday to the fact that in the Consumer and Small business NAS world I'd only consider QNAP and Synology.

But frankly the Synology stand was disappointing.  In terms of product, new Product, and people to speak too.  I actually told some of their staff to goto the QNAP stand. 

My critique would be, Lack of

- Small business storage is only SATA based.  What about faster then SSD technologies  (M2 PCIe).  
- Lack of 10Gbe Ethernet support for NAS,  not even looking at 40Gbe
- M2 PCIe support in consumer NAS
- Tier disk support in consumer NAS 

Come on Synology, you can do better!

Loctek Stands

A comprehensive range of stands and 
Brilliant extendable cable trunking for movable desks

I am a severe critic of Stand Up and Exercise Desks.   Daily exercise at your desk simply compromises working.  But for IT personnel often re-cabling their IT, movable desks are really useful.  Just don't work standing up.  If you want to exercise goto the Gym or Go Outside.  If you want to stand up, get up and go for a 3 minute walk every other hour.

Hyundai Ioniq

 Although I was very distracted by the compact fold-able electric and seemingly unavilable scooter we took a good look at the Hyundai Ionic.  In the UK its available in 3 guises: Full Electric, Plug in Hybrid and Hybrid.

Ioniq brochure

Hyundai Ioniq review

Samsung Gaming Odyssey

Samsung enters the gaming laptop market.  Well they had to start somewhere. But right now this laptop does not compare at all well to the likes of Razer

Panasonic HDpower

Not the biggest name in Power Meters but its a system that integrates with Shimano Dura Ace 9000/9100 or Ultegra.  See DC Rainmaker  You have to send your cranks into Pioneer for modding so could be awkward in Europe.

Faraday Future

Whilst the world needs a decent Tesla competitor, and mainstream companies, perhaps BMW closest, don't seem to be up to the challenge.  So how about FF?

Well they have this 91 car shown below, and should it actually make it to production then there is market place space for it.

But there are numerous reports of troubles,  and with /The Donald/ in power I'd expect to see a return to fossil fuels and an overall shunning of clean energy designs.  So the future looks absolutely sh**  for FF in my humble opinion.

Verge talks Faraday

3D Printing

Divergent 3G Printed

Showing you what is possible with 3D printing. In Metal.

I appreciate that concepts are there to show us direction and what may be ultimately possible.  But I'm not generally a fan.  Especially since in automotive (cf Software) you can't really sign up and sample the goods ahead of time.  Anyway:




I shall only mention in passing the quite pathetic Honda stand and contribution.  I shall not even put out a photograph.  Honda please do better, what has happened to you?

Crowded and Hot

I mean crowded on day 2 already!

Whenever there was an opportunity to get coffee especially from a robot like at Denso Robotics  we imbibed and were very thankful

Agata is exhausted!

Time Out Crazy
On this our day #2 of CES we had to take some time out to see #Crazy. By this I mean extreme vehicles, the sort of thing I'd expect from America. Us Europeans are thinking "Only in America", but not in a good way
808 Audio
We chilled to the great music at the 808

And So
An  interesting yet  exhausting second day at CES2017.   We talked and walked and learnt.  So good.

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