Tuesday, February 07, 2017

CES 2017, Day 3

Today we blog travel back 1 month exactly to report on our day #3 of CES the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. Jan 7, 2017.

The focus for today was Eureka Park.  To quote:

Eureka Park is the flagship startup destination at CES, providing a unique opportunity to launch a new product, service or idea.

Homegrown innovation, ranging from fledgling prototypes to progressing startups, span the entire consumer technology spectrum in this unique Marketplace.

Visto Safety Lights

The principle is sound.  When you are running in dimly lit urban areas, when a head torch would be just too weird, a LED band can provide motorists some warning and you protection.

Many Many Bluetooth Headphones

I will have a separate article on Bluetooth, wireless earbuds. I am careful not to describe the above products, because here is the summary position  (you'll just have to take my analysis on faith, I shall justify it in some weeks).

- Single wireless earbuds have been available for over 12 months now. In fact the S530 has revolutionised my sports audio experience

- In 2017 it will be the evolution to Stereo Earbuds i.e. 2 of them

- There are multiple manufacturers and multiple designs.  I saw over 10 different designs

- European vendors are charging say from 200 USD upwards

- Chinese Designs  retail at about 30 USD

- The most important qualities are a) do they actually work without dropout/ delay  b) will they fit in your ears c) do they stay in your ears during exercise/ activity

- If you are an early adopter with deep pockets go right ahead and buy something European today.  Well anything except the Apple Airpods, which IMHO make anybody look like a complete idiot.  This is my subjective opinion of course!


A claimed little box that can help secure your Internet connection.


Active noise cancellation earplugs.  Brilliant?  Well on the noisy show floor my pair did not seem to work very well.  So if they do a sale or return policy then only it might be worth a try.

Shenzhen huahai technology

Nice portable Head Up Display from a company I cannot find on Google or in the show guide.  Oops.

Security for the paranoid traveller.  I'm in.   A video

Tempi Temperature and Humidity

Sends temperature and humidity information to your smartphone via Bluetooth.  Small and brilliant.

MicroBot Push

It just pushes a button.  Absolutely brilliant!  video  I give this the Marcus and Agata best of show award :)


If you are competitive swimmer, or say you are on a Swim Team some specialist hardware.  Force, Motion, Rhythm and Symmetry analysis.

If this does not mean much then you really don't need these products.


A great idea,  a fingerprint sensitive lock.  But they could not demonstrate it to me :-(


Unlike the glitzy and noting actually seen working Laundroid this folding solution was more convincing.

Here is the promo video

Bibelib Covers

This is a decorative cover from your carry on.  It comes with insurance in the 50 Euro price.  Video  As paranoid androids we clean our cases externally after a flight, and the FAQ says it is 30 degrees washable.  So maybe worth a punt.

Eventually we found this product because we had heard of a French company selling a laptop shell that turns your smartphone into a laptop.  I had a paralle desktop idea with my Microsoft Lumia 950 HD500 dock which allowed connection of a keyboard and screen to the phone.

The prototype looked okay, but it will only be a success if it is cheaper, and I mean a lot cheaper than a Chromebook or a basic notebook tethered to a basic notebook connected with AirDroid.

Livall Bling Helmets

A bicycle headlight with an inbuilt speaker and LED rear lighting.  That good.   To operate a strobe effect turn signal you need to press a button so I'd only use this whilst waiting in traffic  ( and then you would be sure to forget to cancel it immediately, so you'd look like a right wally until you eventually realised).

Oh Please NO!

Welt Calorie Belt

Sony did announce a new moderately priced Walkman  (200 GB) NW-A35.  Unfortunately the WM1Z has such a stupid price tag that you will want to click this link and then sit down

Unfortunately no time machines were used to produce this photograph.  Crosley vinyl player. 

And One Last Thing

 The scale of CES is huge.

So Huge.

I swear I heard robbie say:  Boy You are Fat. And there are many of you here this week.

After a hard third day of walking, talking and learning it was a delight to relax at the Roland stand:

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