Monday, February 13, 2017

Back to Los Angeles

George Michael: Outside

Today Marcus and Agata report on the closing phases of our wonderful adventure in the US of A.   In the events of January 13 we are moving back from Mohave Spacepark to Los Angeles

Leaving SpacePort RV
We arrived to Spaceport RV in the dark and it was pretty basic.  In the early daylight the situation did not improve.

 It must be said that the best thing found at the site was a friendly kitty.

No staff were around so as we left early in the morning, with great honesty we put the daily campground fee into an envelope and posted it into the Administration office, and left.

Exotic Feline Breeding Centre
Agata managed to Google a local point of interest to us, a Wild kitty breeding centre.

We arrived early and came to the entrance.  Closed!  So we set about on a small walk of the area.  The shacks we saw made for depressing viewing.

An shed made from a Railway carriage.  Great idea, but has seen better days.

Finally we walked all the way back to EFBC,  paid up and despite the rain got a grand tour.

 Most of the animals were hiding from the rain.  There was consequentially almost nothing to see. Disappointing.

Journey to LA
The drive back from Mojave to LA was nice and uneventful.  This is our penultimate day of our tour so we had to stop to fill up with propane.

So the propane gas powers the Hot Air heating system and the cooker.   We have used the heating extensively on this trip.

European motohomes almost without exception don't have a refillable fixed gas tank.  Instead for heating they use interchangeable Gas cylinders.  In our Swiss Dethleffs motorhome we have 2,  Super light, refillable Plastic Cylinders.   The refillable tank is a superior solution not implemented in Europe primarily because there is not a European-wide network of propane stations. 

Walnut RV Park

Our last night will be spent here in Walnut RV park.  There is just time we hope for some last minute shopping, some walking, and it will turn out some local talking ...

 This is a very friendly and well equipped park, with pool and games room though it's too cold right now to swim or be outside in a swimming costume.

Most of these rigs are full size Coached sized homes with multiple slide-outs.  Many of the residents are contractors working in the seasonal Hollywood film industry.

Now it is time for another first.  Mains sewerage.  Another thing that is not available to Motorhome users in Europe.  Here you actually connect up the Black (waste) and Grey (Kitchen/shower) exit pipe to mains sewerage.

Additionally connect the mains water to directly connect to your sink and toilet.

Once connected you just flush your waste tanks and then leave connected.  And inside your motorhome with mains water your toilet and shower operate just like at home. This is a totally different way of living to European motorhoming!


Apart from some rather over the top sights we walked our neighbourhood in search of valid last minute purchases:

We are currently considering converting our European home into a Smart Home.  A first step is to buy the Google Home device which is not available in Europe / Switzerland.

Some talking
 Marcus got talking at night to the amazing 75 year old plus lady who checked us in earlier today.  It quite made my day and had Agata subtly kicking me as a signal: Stop talking to her,   she must be getting so bored of your questions.

Personally I wanted to know why she was still working into her late 70's and some background on the park, oh, and almost my favourite topic with American citizens: Hilary and Donald and the Presidential election.

It was honestly enlightening and so interesting to have this worldly woman's perspective.  I tried to listen without judgement and understand her views which were so different to mine.

Finally we had to get back to our Motorhome and sleep one last night in America.

Back to George.  Too funky.  Yes, we are.

Forward: American Lessons Learnt