Monday, January 02, 2017

You Have 30 days

Subtitle:  BBC iPlayer Radio clock is ticking
Radio 4

There was a day when the BBC iPlayer for Radio allowed you to only go back 7 days of broadcast material.  But this was relaxed some time ago to an orgasmic 30 days.

Rewinding the Clock

As a BBC Radio 4 addict Marcus has in times past to modify his social behaviour, because in the old days you could only listen to Broadcast material live.  The progression to listen anytime has been

01 Listen Live Only

Several decades ago most people had no recording equipment.  You could only listen live.

02 Tape Record it

This changed for the many with the advent of the Philips cassette allowing analog tape recording at a trivial price.  You could therefore record Radio 4, or any other (obviously less profound) channel as it was broadcast.

03 Early Digital

Get your computer to record the Radio Stream. 
Marcus had an early DAB receiver in 1990 with a computer interface.  So you could DAB receiver to wav file.  At that time MP3 had not been invented.  The files were enormous even at low sampling and digitisation rates.  But you still had to be there to start the recording.

04 Podcasts

Selected BBC programmes are available as a Podcast Feed.  For example: The Archers

05 BBC iPlayer

In 2007 the BBC iPlayer made listening to the Radio via the Internet almost trivial! And they included a 
7 day rewind facility meaning at Christmas and New Year you could do all the social stuff and then very quickly on say January 1st rewind the week and get back all the special Christmas broadcasts etc.

06 BBC iPlayer in 2017

The BBC website now allows you to go back 30 days.  I know, total luxury.  You can go on holiday, on say December 20th and so long as you are back home Jan 19th, come back and listen / download all the special Christmas and New Years BBC Radio 4 specials

Here are some examples ...

Dead Ringers Series 17

Pick of the Year

Infinite Monkey Cage

2016 words in 4 minutes

Merriest Moments

Hear The Year

This has SO MANY links to investigate.  Hours of pleasure.

David Sedaris: Death Knows

Radio1 New Years Eve Mix

Radio 1 Ibiza Rewind

Well indeed Marcus is currently doing some Marathon training so whilst I have skip listened to many of the above, I  want to download them for longer term listening pleasure.  My 30 day countdown has indeed began. How about you?