Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What does Altaba do?

In case you have not heard Yahoo is renaming itself to Altaba. I know, nobody can quite believe it.  I mean in the future will yahoo advocates / fanboys be trundling over to 

www.altaba.com ??

From First Principles
I asked in 2016 and earlier what an earth does Yahoo do?

2016: What does Yahoo do?

2012: What do Yahoo do?

To me in a pre Google World, Yahoo almost had a place.  But in the era of free email, Google Search, and freely available News and Media, I [still] cannot think of a single thing that I would rather use Yahoo for  (read the 2016 moan)

What happened in 2017?

Well in late 2016 Yahoo let it be known it had experienced severe hacks that, should it be possible, would further devalue the Yahoo brand.  Do read:

The year of Yahoo's undoing 2016

ISP Warns customers after Yahoo hack

Yahoo warns 1 billion accounts breached

Yahoo sets 2016 record for hacking

A rename might try and promote a new less tarnised brand?
I checked Yahoo for a comment

Yep, not a whiff of a comment or statement about the Yahoo rename, on Yahoo's own website.   How embarrassing:  even their own news site is behind on news about themselves.  Now that takes some doing!

In a Nutshell

In 2017 I still have no clue what would persuade any new user to surf to Yahoo or use them for in fact anything

I suppose if you are an established Yahoo email user you might say you are trying to maintain continuity with your email  (er but what happens in the future, will you have a .altaba.com email address instead?)

Marissa has just stepped down, no doubt with a good financial exit package.  I think the picture on Tweaktown  with her smiling cheek to cheek was possibly stock footage but probably sums up her actual feelings  /so long, and thanks for all the fi$h/

So if you are currently with Yahoo and actually using them for something useful and productive, then please, tell me what it is.  And what do you think of the new name Altaba.  (really rolls off the tounge right?)

Janet Jackson: What have you done for me Lately?