Monday, January 02, 2017

The Angst of Discarding

Subtitle: Perfectly Good ....

Both Marcus and Agata have had a fine upbringing in the meaning of economy.

And so there are not many things more painful in the waste department as to when we discard something, really anything that still works perfectly Particularly if in another time and place it would be very useful

Marcus Laments

The time was December 29th and Marcus was grimly sorting thru his excess clothes inventory.

Since I don't work in an office anymore I ask myself the question:  How many Suits, Business Shirts, Silk Ties do I need to keep for a just in case situation?  For:

- A funeral

- A Posh Party
- You visit an Old Person

You know the kind of thing.

What you see above is part of the agonising sifting process.  Perfectly good silk ties.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, they were my favourite, though travelling to New York to buy some ties:  that sort of behaviour is now consigned to a past life.

A Friends House

I am sure some of us know the subtle ways that we can defer the Discard Process.   And I don't simply mean denial.  Denial is whereby you think:

I'll just keep it until there is no more room for it, then I'll just throw everything away.   In this scenario you become a hoarder and your house becomes simply full of crap.

The best subtle way we know is to stage clothes in a Backup House or at a Friends house.  So that when you visit you can have the right clothes to hand.  But over time you realise even this can reach a limit.

But Finally

Anyway, the job is now done.   Clothes are stacked in a disorderly fashion in the Sports room, and en-queued for delivery to the charity shop or Recycling centre.

Farewell fine business clothing.  It really tears at my heart strings to see you go.

John Hiatt: Perfectly Good (Guitar)