Thursday, January 05, 2017

Single Lens Reflex RIP

(shot on iphone 6)

Subtitle:  Analog and Digital SLR Cameras bite the dust

This week Marcus and Agata have each spent over 30 hours travelling to a Global Electronics conference.   We need to take our computers but also Photography and Video recording devices.

So do we take the SLR?

At the time of purchase our Sony A7-II was absolutely the smallest and lightest Full Frame SLR camera, especially when mated to a non zoom portrait lens. I talked about it here

But after thinking long and hard we chickened out
We have arrived to our venue carrying 2 Computers and 3 Smartphones and a 200,000 mAh power brick.  The DSLR is banished to the home.  And why?

- Relative to a Smartphone, which we will be carrying anyway, the minute Sony A7 is still bulky
- Needs a separate battery charger and spare batteries
- Quite a fragile form factor compared to a flat Smartphone.  We felt on our 36 hour journey it was just safer to leave the relatively bulky Sony at home
- Smartphones are sooo easy to cary
- Awkward to get Photos off the Sony, has to be done via micro SD card transfer or the Sony Program but that requires a known SSID, which we won't have whilst travelling.
- OK the photos are better, but not that much better.

- If you recall we made a test at the Geneva Motorshow 2016

- Smartphone has a wider angle to capture the wider scene

So we admit defeat.   Smartphone will be used for Photos and Videos.   Wait to see the results :-)