Wednesday, January 04, 2017

No Snow in Switzerland

Just a few days ago, after Christmas day Agata and Marcus stood out on the balcony in Lausanne and marvelled at the 11 degrees Centigrade temperature on the Balcony.

How did we know it was 11 degrees plus?

First our weather station which uses a radio link reported the 11 degrees plus temperature.

Our Tempo Bluetooth thermometer also said over 11 degrees

Worrying for Switzerland?
Luckily it is in fact a myth that Switzerland relies heavily on Ski resorts.  In fact you should know that most resorts are open the whole year round and delight in charging the same cable car fees in the summer for Mountain Bikers, Walkers and anybody who wants to use the lifts.

And the money derived from Mountain snow sports is puny compared to monies received via Chemicals, Engineering, and  Wine.

So I can honestly say "we" that is Marcus and Agata are quite enjoying the lack of snow.  How so?

- Lower Heating Bills
- Much easier and safer Winter driving conditions
- Any dry day over 5 degrees is a day that we can cycle!
- Any dry day over 1 degrees, or a heavily snow laden day  (not likely) is a day we can run on
- We live at 700 metres above sea level. Raise the water level, we are ready

We just can't lose!  So Global Warming,  do your worst, we and most other residents living in Switzerland are not as heartbroken as you might think.

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