Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

I just love the Microsoft Arc Mouse, in fact my existing one was getting rather grubby after 1 year+ of constant use so I just bought another replacement.

Why Dongle?

Actually there are 3 very similar Microsoft mice that you can now choose from.   The one on the left is the original and connects wirelessly to your computer via a USB nano transceiver. Part number RVF-00050

Then the other two are the same except for the colour and are Bluetooth connected only.

Why did I go for the non Bluetooth variety?   Well because not all of my computers (Windows Server 2012 and below for example)  support Bluetooth.

Great Features

The first killer feature is that the mouse is a svelte black grippy material a bit like an alcantara car seat

 You switch it on by curving the mouse and switch it off by flattening it

For travel or storage the nano transceiver magnetically attaches to the mouse body  and as you can see power is from 2xAAA batteries.

For about 40 GBP or 50 USD you can get a top notch, rather sexy looking and feeling wireless mouse that lasts and lasts.  Nice one microsoft.  One of my best products of 2016 used for sure.

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