Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Marathon #1: New Years Eve

Today Marcus and Agata wind the clock back 1 month to New Years Eve, namely December 31 2016.

We are here in the USA primarily to attend the CES 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.  But to add some spice and challenge we are doing a marathon in Long Beach before the show.

An Early Start
So our Marathon starts at 06.30 meaning we had to pull ourselves out of bed at an early for us 04.00.   The previous night we had met our AirBnb host Heidi  outside her apartment to pickup her keys.

Heidi's apartment had all the promised facilities but we did not notice much as we were so tired.

The Friday night handover was short and sweet but we were careful to check that it would take us about 40 minutes to walk from our location to the race start shown above

Yes, we started in darkness.

Race Report

On the Marathon

This is technically our last Marathon of 2016 and we intend to take it easy.  One important consideration was:

Running Together.  On most occasions we start races together, then after about 5Km Marcus might start to edge away.  But today we would run at the slowest pace of either of us

There were 4 loops of just over 10Km.  And already on the first lap we went wrong!  There was a turn around point at 5.25Km and we missed it leading to turning around at about 6Km so the first loop ended at about 12Km.

We planned to shorten loop 2, which we did so that at the end of loop 2 we were back on track

Facilities could not have been better.  At the end of each 10Km loop Charlie Alewine racing provided good fluid and food, this was all included in the modest race price.

The course was on a very flat surface, designed for walking/running, next to the bike track, next to the Ocean.   Quite sublime.

Several Toilets were along the coastline and Marcus who was not very well, had to go over 10 times.  Yes, I counted. Something of a landmark, but I had Jetlag and Flu and this Chesty 'Bronchitis' symptom that I've not been able to shake in 6 months.  Well, 10 toilet stops, I think it was a record!

Our 4hr30 pace was quite modest so we did not often pass other competitors, but when we did it was always in good humour.

The Big Finish

 We have both finished!  Very importantly, no injuries, smiling faces,  not really tired due to our modest pace. Last Marathon 2016 and first Marathon in Long Beach completed.


Every runner knows that there are 3 associated activities with any marathon / distance run

First the Laundry!  We found one less than 200 meters from Heidi's apartment as expected.  This is something that we had of course checked with our AirBnb host before arriving.   In Switzerland we have at least a complete daily washing load of mostly sports clothes.  And in America too.    Whilst washing we were of course surfing on our Smartphones.

Second the Shower!   Heidi had a shower in a bath and lots of shampoos and other things to try.   AirBnB is like that.  The host gets out of their apartment, locks up personal things and the rest of the house is yours including all her shower gels and like products. We mostly had our own but it's nice and a little bit weird to have the opportunity to just use what is on offer.

Third, the Recovery Meal.   Yes well.  It is new Years Eve.  So some wine and healthy bean and humus products later we are ready to usher in the New Year of 2017

>> The end of a busy day on our wonderful 'holiday', 2017 beckons.

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