Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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This post is a salute to 'young'  David Griffiths, who many years ago prophetically commented:

" Copy and Paste:
I need to get a job as a Professional Copy and Paste Operator
I'm really very good at that "

When Savant was enough

Rain Man: Toothpicks

You see, in the olden days, pre ubiquitous World Wide Web, say in about 1985 being a focused geek, or OCD or Savant or Aspergers was good enough to personally remember the intricate computer gobbledygook that  'Techies' like David or Marcus had to deal with.

But by about 1995 we all needed

Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste allows me to take information from one computer screen window and accurately paste it into another.

This morning, some Certificate Information


Yes, come on, even a Savant is not going to be able to remember strings like this

Endangered Species

In 2017 we are about to embark a new era, when even the best of us, even deeply embedded in Computer Systems and Technology have only a summary or Surface understanding of Computer / Software technologies that are outside of our expert field.

We do have the edge over 2 other groups in society though:

a) I know I Don't need to know
The people who use technology 100%, but look down on it,  they consciously think it's not important to know, or need to know any of those tiresome details.

b) The Unmindful
The unthinking, some say majority.   Those who just 'know' whatever they know,  they don't need to question their beliefs. They don't even consider that they should know how 'all that shit' works.

So back to us long suffering, proud IT people.  Going from understanding just about everything in (say) 1970 or so, to just little slivers in 2017.  But at least we have 

Copy and Paste

Pi by Hand.  Copy and Paste

A nice Tune:   Use Copy and Paste

Ex Machina