Sunday, January 15, 2017

Don't Watch Inferno

Kermode: Inferno

Marcus and Agata have been deeply anticipating the screen version of Dan Brown's Inferno

It deals with one persons attempt to pose a solution to the exponential and unchecked Global population growth, possibly the last thing that a technologically developed world needs IOHO.

When we watched Mark Kermode's review of the film we were devastated because

- We respect and normally agree with Mark

- Mark basically said the film was rubbish 

We went ahead and watched the film anyway.

In a nutshell:

They only changed the whole plot including the sympathies and motives of major characters.  But particularly the ending and climax is altered and therefore the meaning of the whole novel.  Director Ron Howard: This is a disgrace.

Without plot spoiling we can say:

- This is a novel by Dan Brown that tackles the subject of population growth

- The book and film talks about the 'One minute to Midnight' moment, stating that we are at such a point

- The plot centres around the Harvard Professor Robert Langdon who awakes with concussion and memory loss.

- He tries to unravel the plot of Zobrist, the billionaire who proposes a radical solution to curtail Population Loss without the need for any loss of any single life

- Unlike Kermode,  we have read the book, & we did not find the rushing about of Langdon and Sienna troublsome at all , quite natural in fact

But we are gutted beyond belief that the whole point of the book and plot is totally changed in the film,



Both articles contain the entire plot so read as far as you want to.

Tom Hanks plays a credible Langdon, but the whole meaning of the book, which IOHO is to make you think about unconstrained Population Growth is completely and utterly lost in this films adaptation.

As a consequence we award the film a -1 out 10, please under no circumstances watch this film.

Instead we could recommend the undoctored Audible Book