Monday, January 16, 2017

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Dylan Thomas: Do Not Go Gentle

In recent weeks Marcus and Agata have been extremely busy leaving our Blog coverage to a bare minimum.   Despite our advancing years,  we have big plans for 2017.

And indeed planning is in fact the key.   We are fresh back from about 1 month of Intergalactic travelling, only made possible by Agata's supreme attempts to plan, coordinate and organise everything.

Now in the ideal world this level of precision would not be necessary, and a laissez faire attitude to travelling and living would be preferable.   But sadly, that sort of freedom comes with a Budget and a lifestyle that we've resigned will not ever be within our means.   So sensible planning, nay, precision planning have all come together for multiple adventures and reports to be detailed in the coming weeks

Now back home with our practically infinitely fast Internet connection we have synchronised tens of GB of Cloud Data

We recall during our travels that there were several days when we had absolutely 0 Internet.  And that is a very rare thing indeed.  It was not pleasant! [For example, no Internet, no Google Maps and no Navigation :-( ]

We attended a large and famous trade conference,  this is now off the bucket list.

For economy we have brought home everything we can.  What you also see here (in the bag) are the daily vitamins we purchased, we are not wasting them!

Multiple Marathons were completed, because our rule of thumb is : always be prepared to run a marathon, any day, each day.

There is a mountain of washing to be done, what is shown is but a small proportion.   Travelling with daily exercise really increases the complexity of your washing solution.

Multiple new acquisitions have to be evaluated and tested.  And if worthwhile full reports to come here

So many objects to file back in their proper place.  We are now the owners of more DC Power Banks than we can possibly imagine.

Our first test living in the USA went rather well.   Comprehensive reports to follow.

And now, it is definitely time to retire,  that 20 hours of travelling back to Switzerland is catching up on us.