Friday, January 13, 2017

Activity Tracking becomes a commodity

In January 2017 Activity Trackers are now "2 a Penny".   Priced as low as 20USD (20 CHF, 15 GBP)  nobody can now seriously protest that but for the price they might experiment with this technology

Here are two articles on some options



Remind me Again
Oh yes, Activity trackers I would describe as a typically wrist based bracelet that via motion sensors, and optionally much more (GPS et al) records the number of walk or other (running, jogging) steps you make in a day.

You can set your own static or dynamic fitness daily step goals and share this information with your friends in a mildly competitive but hopefully encouraging way.

So in 2017?

- Decide on whether you need a separate Fitness tracker or wear a single High Function Sports watch that includes Fitness tracking.

- If you also wear an expensive Analog Watch you might need to have a separate Fitness tracker

- Personally I think if you are any sort of athlete and not already committed to a sentimental or flashy wrist watch you should just go for a high function GPS sports watch  ( ie. no separate fitness tracker)

- Basic Fitness step tracking is now a given.  People are now looking for more including 24 hour rate monitoring

- If you are not very sporty and a bit fashionista you'll be looking at products that look fantastic but don't do so much

- Battery life and recharge time are important.  The High function devices with brighter displays, expect to recharge every day  (say whilst having a shower after the daily exercise)

- Ability of getting your data into and out of this device and ecosystem may be important.  So far, all manufactures operate more or less closed Ecosystems with usually no import ability and limited export ability

- Overall the ecosystem that your friends are in may be a deciding factor

- Most serious athletes, fitness gurus or sports-people are critical of the Apple Watch for Sports Tracking.  Please don't accept my criticism,  do your own research on YouTube.  Example 

Too Busy to Read the Above Articles!?

Marcus's biased view is

- Garmin provides the best overall ecosystem.  So choose a product that fits in with that.

- For High function watch then it is currently the Garmin Forerunner 735, or Fenix 5  (available April 2017)

- For Dedicated Band it is the Garmin Vivosmart HR

Whatever you choose: Please exercise daily, recording it and sharing just makes it more fun.

DC Rainmaker Fenix 5