Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Thinking Honda CR-Z

Marcus's second most stupid motoring decision ever was selling his beloved Honda CR-X, the VTEC one with over 150 BHP and less than 1000kg of weight.

I agonised about the decision here

(And the first and most stupid ever decision of course was the premature sale of my Honda NSX, a story for another day)

Honda CR-Z requirement
Marcus and maybe Agata will soon have requirement for a small bijou UK car so I've been thinking what looks like a CR-X but is a lot more modern?

Honda CR-Z
Certain the spiritual if yet grossly under-powered and heavier successor to the Honda CR-Z.

Marcus went for a test drive:

The dashboard is a bit juvenile but on the plus side it has a large digital speed readout, something I really like

 Yes it is a manual transmission only in the UK.  In the US there is an automatic CVT based solution including flappy paddles.  But not in the UK, and anyway CVT is laughable compared to DSG double Clutch, something that Honda has not adopted on anything but the 2016 NSX.

So manual transmission would really suck, but what can you do

 This is a 2+2 seater with the rear seats folding down for a larger load area. I think one bicycle might squeeze in, but 2 definitely not.  It is still amazingly capacious for this size of car

The CR-Z is very good looking.  Truly a CR-X visual but updated for 2000+ times.   That is it's main selling point  (it's like a CR-X!!)

This is the 121BHP engine which also has some small battery assist taking the combined power to just over 130 BHP.  Still pretty puny really.   On newer post 2013 models I believe there is a Kers like, max electric boost button on the steering wheel which gives maximum electric effort for 10 seconds.

Note that although this is a hybrid the battery can only be charged via the engine & regenerative braking.  You can't use a home Tesla or other 30Amp ring main or any other connection to charge.  Hmm.

The Tyres look great and help take my mind off the fact this is no longer a small fast hatch, just a moderately quick one :-(

Oh, so pretty from all angles including behind.

Shout Out!
So I have an appeal to any UK CR-Z owner wishing to sell their 2014 low mileage pristine condition vehicle to us for a fair price.  Please do get in touch.  We will be careful new owners, just give us a chance.

Honda CR-Z wikipedia