Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Truth

With technological advances in 2016 and beyond; advances in Social Media and Internet proliferation means suddenly the ability to project

Misinformation and a fabric of Lies

is all too easy.  Suddenly 

The Truth is being replaced [ by the Stupid, and the Unthinking]  as merely  my Opinion based on

- well nothing really, it's my Opinion and I'm entitled to my Opinion
- my gut feeling
- my intuition
- something I read on the Internet or Googled

For such individuals, Confirmation Bias, i.e. a willingness to believe in Internet based Press or news articles however wacky, that support their viewpoint,  together with an absolute rejection of other evidence based viewpoints as

- faked
- conspiracy theories

is their business as usual methodology

Private Stupidity - Public Danger
Whilst the Internet has brought his advances in information transfer it now begins to spawn via uniformed citizen journalism a very dangerous side.

But this is not enough, if it was random 'little people' Tweeting misinformation.

Unfortunately the American Election campaign and now Tweets from president elect Trump are more dangerous.

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