Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The 4G Internet Stupid

Subtitle: Pegged at 100GB per month, BUT

4G Mobile Phone Internet Subscriptions are pretty much pegged at 100GB per month for data in the countries that Marcus frequents.   That is to say UK  (Great Britain), Switzerland and Poland

But there is one difference:

In Poland the cost, especially at Christmas with special deals tends to almost zero.

Polish Cost Comparisons
I went into Costa Coffee and bought a medium coffee.  It was 12 zloty  (2.30 GBP)

Next I went to an Internet shop and bought a 3GB phone and data SIM.  For 9 Zloty ( 1.71 GBP).  But it came with a 100GB bonus, critically, all of which is apparently tetherable and as the photo above shows there is now over 100 GB on our account

The 4G Future
In Poland the PLAY network does offer you a monthly 100 GB Data service.  You can use this instead of a fixed wired Internet connection. Of course 100 GB per month is quite limited  (see below) but it is a start.

I Predict that in urban areas where Internet Bandwidth and towers are plentiful these limits will increase exponentially in the next 12 - 24 months.  I know some Scandinavian countries already have 300 GB/month plans.   I foresee the same trend in Poland at least.

The 4G Speeds
We are talking fast.  The above is MegaBytes not MegaBits.

Sometimes the upload speed gets crazy fast.  Note that Play and most providers calculate total traffic so 60GB down and 40GB up means 100 GB total used.

Simple maths tells us that 4MBytes per second is 14GBytes per hour.   This means the 100GB allowance could be used up in less than an 8 hour working day.

Without the free allowance and assuming the regular 100GB plan cost of 50 zloty, you can see that a 30 * 100 = 3TB per month plan would cost Marcus 50 * 30 = 1500 zloty = 280 GBP  / month.  Assuming in fact a 1TB / month actual usage, once the thrill had worn off we are talking about 95 GBP / month.  Expensive but actually workable.  And I predict prices are due to plummet in the next 12  - 24 months in urban areas.

With the seasonal promotion a 1TB/month usage would cost a mere 90 Zloty which is 18 GBP / month.  Staggering.

How Much Data?
Marcus and Agata use considerably in excess of 1GB per day even on vacation or whilst travelling.   Today, Wednesday I have plans to download and test  Centos 1611  and that is about 8GB just for start.   I'm taking about 0.5GB of processed photographs per day, that would be nice to Cloud.  And currently I'm working on some security and encryption projects, these upload and download about 20GB of data daily.  And presently there are the Hyper V and ESXi tests.  So let's say Marcus is running at between 10GB and 30GB daily load, even whilst on idling on vacation.

This Christmas 2016 I bought a 100GB, 4G based data allowance for less than the cost of a single cup of coffee.

Believe me 4G is the future.   First in Urban areas. At real life sustained speeds of over 4MBytes per second upload or download this is fast enough for 4K Video, GigaByte file transfers all with latency below 30ms.