Friday, December 16, 2016

Switzerland and the Decheterie

This is an explanatory article about recycling as Marcus and Agata see it in Lausanne Switzerland

Why Recycle
Recycling allows you to reduce the total societal cost of raw materials used to sustain your living.

Recycling does require effort, for example sorting your household waste into different categories, or as I shall show in Switzerland taking items to the Recycling Centre (decheterie)

Recycling can be used as social one-upmanship  (I'm recycling, why aren't you),  and as guilt relief  (I can use what I want, because I recycle)

Most importantly: The best way to reduce pollution caused by waste, or the need for Raw Materials is 

To Reduce your family consumption

Marcus strongly asks you to think that your total consumption: your total need for materials,  your total waste is proportional to the size of your family.

In Lausanne Switzerland

- Household waste is put into special, costly white bags, which cost money
- Glass, Aluminium, Cans, Clothes, Vegetables, Paper  are the other categories.  You sort into these categories and deposit that for free into specially marked containers
- PET bottles must be taken back to the shop, the council will not take them away from your home waste bins
- Everything else goes into those expensive White Plastic Bags
- If you are a total Shit, you take a proportion of your waste and dump it into Public Waste Bins.   Or dump waste (bagless) into our General Waste bin, so then the council wont take it away
- Read about the Vaud Canton White Bag scheme here

Larger Items
Should be taken to the fixed local Decheterie or to the Mobile Decheterie which comes about once per month.

It should not be dumped onto the street unless you are an asshole.

Marcus the Engineer
Using the Engineering Motto:

It might just come in useful, we follow the progress of dismantling my beautiful Lian Li, ultra quiet Computer case.

First I made an advert to give it away for free

Second I asked friends far and wide if they would like the case free

Third I gave up, dismantled it with a heavy heart and took parts that I did not think would be useful to the Mobile Decheterie

They get ready in the morning, about once per month in a car park locally

 You can't just turn up and dump stuff.  They have to be there and as a family we have a card which is scanned so they can see what nice people we are  (well I hope that is the reason)

 They were setting up in the morning

Now some heartbreaking photos.  Because this case cost me over 200 GBP new and it still worked.

But despite over 3 months of advertising nobody would come and take it off my hands for free. :-(

 As an Engineer I disassembled and put the screws and other components into my parts bins for future use!  Well hopefully.

The rest went to the mobile Decheterie.  We managed to walk it all down in a large Blue IKEA bag.

Decheterie Categories
In Lausanne we have the Mobile Decheterie  and the fixed one that is about 3Km away  has special places for

- Electronics
- Metal
- Furniture
- Hard Plastic, soft Plastic
- Paper/ Card
- Aluminium
- Batteries
- Polystyrene

By presenting your Decheterie card which you get as a taxpaying resident you can deposit all of this for free.

For honest, non street trash people, Switzerland has good relatively low effort options for the householder to recycle their waste free of charge.