Sunday, December 04, 2016

Sunday Sermon: Some reasons why he left

Why he left Islam

The Aside
If you are reading this, then by definition you have Internet Access. I hope your bandwidth is fast enough to look at YouTube and here is why.

Over the last 15 years Marcus has exponentially gravitated away from the paper based documentation sources to a mixture of Online websites and living repositories of information.

We do live in a world of manufactured, mis-represented facts, suppositions or theories, but by cross checking sources, and actually using your Brain to screen out the inconsistent then you are hopefully left with at least a set of plausible propositions.

YouTube now forms a major free online resource that I recommend you take advantage of.  Indeed this above video is a good example

- It puts forward propositions
- With supporting references
- It invites you to check them out
- So that you can verify the arguments put forward are based on agreed texts / statements

So now back to the Video Itself

Not Equal
All religions are not equal.  In fact it is usual for each Religion to have a revealed Truth, supported by one or more Holy Books, that are usually not to be subject to revision or criticism.  

Yet for each Religion that represents a world view even a superficial study will reveal that their differences and contradictions give us reason to believe that at most one is the truth but that zero can be assumed and each religions infallible holy book is true by circular argument

Back to The Plot
Please watch the video,  and consider subscribing to the channel   I hope it encourages you to do your own research.  Maybe you will find this video is so wrong it will actually lead you towards Islam, or maybe not. 

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