Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sunday Sermon: On This Christmas Day 2016

Marcus and Agata are really celebrating Christmas Hard.

Look, we even bought a tree

Is there a War On Christmas?
Since we are not card carrying Christians you could ask this question.  But the answer is that we respect the right of Christians and encourage them to celebrate Christmas in their own peaceful religious way.  So long as it does not harm anybody we are all in

Of Course
We would like to point out that we are advocates of

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all people,  365 days of the year
We give generously,  365 days of the year
We try to be kind, considerate and respectful,  365 days of the year
We try never to discriminate against people because of Race or Sex or Sexual Orientation, 365 days of the year

You see, because if you are a Mindful, thoughtful Secular person this is the added burden you face.  We try to do these things every day of the year, not just at Christmas.

Oh, and we read and study the Bible more than most Christians that we know, daily in fact,  but not for advice or guidance you will understand.

This Christmas

I have received some humour from Religious friends:

 Now Please Consider This

It is never our job to convert anybody,  but at this time of good will I would ask you to respectfully look at these 2 short, gentle YouTube videos

Sean Carroll and Naturalism

Belief in Belief in God

Now go back to that gentle, peaceful and respectful Christmas Celebration.