Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Simply Passengers

Passengers trailer#2

Sure, Passengers is a love story between Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence set in a Science Fiction setting but Marcus and Agata came out of the cinema on Christmas Day with deeper thoughts about the  themes expressed in the film.

Our Thoughts
The film espoused some ideas that we feel are important

- The desire to make a difference
- That some decisions are agonisingly hard
- That a life together with a partner can be fulfilling
- The importance of friendship and romance
- That it is the life between each other that is at the core
- That you can be stewards of the future without the mindless first step, which is enlarging your genepool into eternity with excess children.

And No God
If we [the human species] ever do get to escape Earth for another new home on a distant planet we will simultaneously escape from the constraints and limitations of what will surely be validated as our /man made Gods/

I'm delighted to say that throughout the movie God was not appealed to,  did not provide any guidance,  humans without appeal to Imaginary Friends came together to face upto what Random events the cosmos threw at them.

So if you are just plain romantic you can watch the movie on this level, but you can also step back and appreciate so much more.

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