Friday, December 16, 2016

Present Overload Syndrome

This is a short post about /stuff/ and hopefully my summary won't confirm that we are indeed our own worst enemies.

Are you Busy?
A question that many colleagues who are still working 9-5 still ask.  Because right now, Marcus is on a break and this may continue, I say diplomatically /for quite some time/

We are now so busy that I barely have time to take, sort and process the photographs of the things that I will be talking about.

It's Still About Christmas [Presents]
I mention this with particular urgency at Christmas Time.  Besides card carrying Christians making an attempt to visit their local church probably for the first and last time of the year, or perhaps lazily watching a service on TV, Christmas is in popular times a time of: Presents, Spending and Excess.

- If you buy for yourself really scrutinise whether your Christmas presents will be useful after the Christmas Season
- IMHO Avoid presents that are wasteful or clutter or tat
- Are you giving people presents that they want, or what you think they should want?
- Do your friends need your physical presents?  Many people might prefer your time to listen, converse and engage.

Even in Switzerland

I noticed with disappointment even some Swiss are turning to uncontrolled Christmas Present Activity.  Here the bargain website offers a mystery package for 111 CHF  (just less than 100 GBP) and it is sold out within hours of announcement. Oh dear.

And Our Project List

We now have an enormous backlog of not exactly 'presents' but certainly 'new stuff'.  It's all carefully planned.  Marcus has just about had time to unwrap the items.  Some are in pre-production

Some are just unwrapped and not even tested electrically

Whilst this season of goodwill is important to us, we are rather afraid that it needs to take a back seat to all the other life changes we are incorporating for the next 12 months.

We'd say of course plan for Christmas, but for us, we already did plan, and Christmas is not #1 not even #2 on our December January life project list.  Sorry Christmas!

Present Overload Syndrome
We really feel that Presents, Gifts,  in general New Stuff are better spread out over the entire year.  Instead of a giving and receiving Orgy centred around Dec 25.


Because you just get swamped, and even if you can afford it, and many of us can't  (and still go ahead anyway), the value of the individual present diminishes to zero as it competes with an avalanche of other.

In Summary
We plan to give our presents mindfully and sparsely during the Season and we don't under estimate the value of giving our time to friends and family rather than stuff

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