Friday, December 23, 2016

Passionate about Teeth

I have talked previously about Passion.

Essentially we all like our lives to have meaning.  Many people in bygone years are convinced, usually by their parents that their Religion and ultimately their God provides the definitive meaning in their lives.

Thankfully today such indoctrination wanes but in it's void must be a worthy replacement.  And for Marcus, to have a passion in ones chosen profession is a very good start.

I have just been so fortunate to meet a wonderful lady called Hania who has been helping with my continuing dental issues.  She loves all things about Teeth and in particular dental Hygene.

 Day #1

Day #2

Over the course of 2 days I have had multiple dental treatments.  Day #1 was very painful.

As a sensitive soul I first had anaesthetic  paste put onto my gums  to prepare me for the horse sized syringe that fully anaesthetised my upper and lower gums.  And then followed over an hour of what can only be described as intense carving up my gums with sharp steel implements.

Most of the time I had my fists clenched and body tensed like a board.  I can tell you, I know it was necessary and the dental personnel were only doing what they had too,  but I was severely distressed.

Day #2 was a walk in the park by comparison.  But I forgot to eat anything and afterwards found I could not eat for 4 hours so it ended up at 21.00 as the first food of the day.  I was just a little hungry

Back To Passion
Hania could not stop talking and guiding me about the best way to rectify my problem.  She was enthusiastic and professional.  I came away in no doubt she was trying her best to help and that she knew exactly what she was talking about.   I love a professional and helpful approach!

A Passion Is typically

- Something that interests you deeply
- Something you work on to become good, then very good and finally excellent
- Something you become known for
- Something that does not necessarily make money
- Something that takes time, usually a lot of time

Rod Stewart: Passion

We can all have a valid and interesting Passion.   From the accomplished actor like Tom Cruise  down to the humble likes of little old Marcus or Hania.

So:  What is your legal Passion?