Friday, December 30, 2016

Our Digital Christmas

Coldplay: Adventure of a LifeTime

The main thing that went on at Christmas was that Marcus and Agata got to be even more romantic and close to each other.  Our /Adventure of a Lifetime/ indeed continues.

But whilst idling around on holiday of course some of the digital ramblings went on

Physical Raspberry Pi
I already commented that no Computer Geeky household should be Pi-less and so I had further time to play with a physical Pi.  It's bloody marvellous.   To any Pi-less techies reading this.  Shame on you.  Get a grip.

Virtual Pi
For those whose Physical Pi has not yet arrived (hint!) you can now download a 2GB .iso and have a live Raspbian OS run inside a Virtual machine.

I tried it out and was disappointed to find it is today only a live Linux.  In other words you can't install it to a blank disk yet.  That is to come.  Best you can do is have some level of persistance across boots.  Even the raspi-config does not work etc.  So I don't really recommend it right now. 

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Hyper V
Hyper V is an optional feature that you can install onto Windows 2012 and 2016 server.  It's been a while so I thought I'd revisit it, and on holiday I used my lowly copy of Windows 10 Enterprise.  Yep it works!

But the real fun is downloading the free Hypervisor Product.  This is a bare metal Hypervisor  (rather like ESXi).  You control it from a remote machine with Hyper V features installed  (like my Windows 10 installation!)

As an established VMware and ESXi patriot I will have to be convinced if it can really offer me anything.  More testing to be done.

BTW: Both Hyper-V and ESXi come up with this low resources argument.  Leading to command line, non GUI, remote maintenance products.  What a load of tosh!  Maybe if you are running hundred or thousands of Virtual machines then memory footprint becomes an issue.  But 1-10, or even 50 VM's.  Give me a full featured, GUI access with complete command line please.  None of this command line only crap.  Am I ready to step back into a 1980's time machine.  NO!

Centos 1611
I do run a dual boot Centos and Windows laptop so I was delighted to see that Centos 1611 is now formally available.  Whilst I did mess around with Hyper V and the .iso   it turned out to be merely a yum update on the native partition.  But it was not all sweetness.  My second screen on the Laptop does not work under Linux. Inevitably Windows is still more usable and don't get me started about the Linux GUI  (yes, which one might you ask).

ESXi and Virtualisation
I am currently re-visiting ESXi which is now at level 6.5 and because it is no longer ESX is now another example of a once proud OS reduced to a minimalist no GUI bare metal hypervisor that you must administer remotely.  Hmm.

ESXi compared to VMware allows for something called PCI passthrough.  So what you can do, well possibly is create a Virtual Machine and dedicate it one or more physical PCIe cards.   I was trying to send my new Workstation a Nvidia 1050 Graphics card and a some USB 3.1 ports.  What fun I have been having.  If I ever get it working satisfactorily I will produce a report.

Meanwhile I discovered VMUG  but did not yet get my wallet out.  Am considering it though.

PC Migration

We gave away Marcus' old 2010 or thereabouts PC Webserver.  With 24GB of memory and now running Windows 10 Enterprise I felt it was a pretty decent Christmas Present.

Brother HL-1222WE Printer

We bought this printer as a Christmas Present and not for us.  What a generous couple we are.  The more we use Brother the more we believe they are the unsung heroes of the Printer world.  No glitz, just reliable and sensible  (read low!) priced products that work.   Comes with a 1500 Page toner and for the price of well ... peanuts.

And Finally

Coldplay: Everglow

Back to the Romance. But never forget digital.