Monday, December 19, 2016

News Years Resolution: Unsubscribe

In earlier times, say the year 2000, Marcus and Agata hated paper spam.  More than most it stems from the fact that our lives are overfilled with advertising.

We took the view then that we can find our own products and services.  We don't need unsolicited and untargeted paper advertising from anybody to help us buy buy buy stuff.

Now we are in 2016 and shortly to be 2017 and the game has moved on.

Now we receive almost an avalanche of speculative and often targeted advertising to our email addresses. Luckily Google gmail has facilities to remove spam, and you can also setup rules to automatically delete or file annoying emails.  Further, Gmail has the ability to put most Advertising emails into the /Promotions/ tab of our Inbox so they don't overpower the regular emails.

But Gmail's capabilities are simply helping mask the problem.  The answer is


- In 2017 email spam matches closely paper spam of the past
- Extra network traffic and gigabytes of data storage are wasted by so many
- Retailers are obliged in most countries to have an unsubscribe link
- So my first New Years resolution is every day to look in my Gmail /Promotions/ tab and delete one unwanted subscription

Now surely this is a worthwhile New Years Resolution we can all agree to and encourage!