Monday, December 05, 2016

Moutard Famille Champagne

Earlier this year Marcus and Agata visited Buxeuil in the Champagne region of France.

We arrived there because Agata very cleverly located a Motorhome resting spot (called an Aire in France) that apparently had free parking and electricity.

And you know what.  It did!

We arrived at night, and despite the bitter cold, well freezing weather we went for a stroll

We have stumbled upon a town of distilleries for Champagne and other alcohol production.  So we hatched a plan for the next morning

So the next morning

- We visited Moutard Famille Champagne
- Their full address is

Rue des Ponts B.P.1
10110 Buxeuil FRANCE

- We spent over 15 minutes on a personalised tour with the owner, who spoke good English.  Good because Agata was asking a lot of questions :-)
- We then had a small Champagne testing
- And bought a few bottles
- We walked away as happy customers, and a good experience.

It is the very least that we can do to publicise all of this, so if you are in the region, you can visit, look, learn, buy and enjoy.

Moutard official Website
Moutard products