Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lausanne Christmas Run 2016

Subtitle:  Marcus is always to be found by the heater at Races

Yes, it is that time again, the Lausanne Christmas run.  Since the temperature close to midnight is below freezing we thought for just a moment as whether to bother.  But of course we have to do our racing duty.

The 7.2 Km race is 3 laps of Central Lausanne, and given the temperatures (-2.5 degrees on our balcony) we decided to run the 3Km from home and arrive just before the 23.00 start ...

We arrived to place Ripon at about 22.45,  with 15 minutes to  admire the many Santas who were about to race.

Agata is ready

Even Marcus is Ready!

The Mascot is ready

Race Report
Due to arriving in the line about 22.55 we were too polite to push forward and so started from almost the back.

The consequences are you loose at least a minute whilst slow runners, post pub runners, and well the almost walkers form a sort of impenetrable barrier that you must somehow navigate around.

By Lap 2 the field was nicely thin and by Lap 3 the course was almost empty.  Fantastic.

We both finished in good times

I just managed to finish before Agata and so was able to see her wonderful smiling finish.

We jogged home minutes into Sunday morning.  It is time to celebrate with some British Mince Pies and Wine.

Happy Christmas everybody.