Monday, December 19, 2016

Honey they broke my Computer

Subtitle: In Intensive Care

The shuffling of computers back at home has liberated Marcus'  2010 old DMZ server computer.  The build was described here

Since its retirement as a production computer it has served duty as a development computer running Windows 2012 Server, Linux Centos and most recently Windows Server 2016 and Windows Storage Server 2016.

Development and Production
I already talked about having at least 2 serious computers in your home environment here

The idea of course is to test out any changes as far as possible on a computer you can afford to crash due to your negligence, then when you have perfected everything move the change to your production 'best' computer.

Common sense really,  but how many of us actually do it?

Since our 'production' computer is on the point of demotion to 'new development' computer, because the new Production system is almost ready, the old computer is being gifted away.

I mean a Quad Core, i7 CPU,  24GB RAM,  Lian Li Aluminium Case,  I venture to suggest not a bad Christmas Present for somebody?


Honey They Dropped our Computer

After our flight Marcus noticed that the bag containing the computer would not roll correctly at our destination.  I'll check it when we get home ...

We found

- One of the case wheels is basically broken, and there is a large gash in the side of the case.  Thus the suitcase is now history
- But inside: our computer is not well
- They must have dropped it or subjected it to such a shock that the CPU cooler has broken one of the four supports, and cooler has physically come away, and the heatsink is correspondingly loose
- The whole Lian Li aluminium computer chassis is warped.

How do we know warped?  Well we attempted to put the power supply back, (removed before transit)  but the rectangular hole at case back is now a trapezium

Must have been some force / loading

Repair Work
After it seems like hours, with more than the fair share of heated words, Marcus and Agata have attempted repair.

We've got the cooler on, using 3 out of 4 legs.  And forced the Power supply in using a lot of pushing and shoving.

This took over an hour.

We did not want to depress ourselves, so we'll try a power on tomorrow, making sure all fan wires are connected and it's not sharing power with anything we care about.

To be continued.  Hmm.