Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Garmin 920XT End of Term Report

Yes, Marcus really can get sentimental about the Garmin 920XT watch that is being retired.  Quite simply todate the best Endurance Sports Watch I have ever owned.

+ Low profile and Lightweight
Unlike other Garmin notably the Fenix 3, its very thin and lightweight, perfect for the smaller wrist

+ Short Height
Not long like SO many other smartwatches, this again makes for a comfortable wrist hugging fit for those with smaller wrists

+ Wide Strap
Again this geometry means a very stable watch.  Does not more under extreme sports, probably the best stability of any Garmin watch on sale today

+ Solid Docking station

+ Not a Touch Screen
When it rains, a touch screen is just a nightmare.  Ask anybody who has this 'feature' on their Sportswatch

+ Step Tracking
No need to carry a separate step tracker.  This watch does it all

+ Perfect Tough Glass screen
After 1 year, the screen is totally unscratched despite several bangs

+ Long Battery Life
This and the monster Fenix 3 are the only Garmin that you can sensibly use on an Ultra or Ironman duration race.

- No integrated HRM
You have to wear a separate Heart Rate Monitor.  I use a wrist based Mio Link

+ Widgets and Apps
One of the first Garmin products to have the ability to change the Clockface and extend the product using custom Applications or extend existing sports e.g. add a HRM Widget into the native Garmin running App.

+ Accuracy
Unlike some amateur products  (cough cough Apple Watch),  the Numbers reported are accurate.  This is no mickey mouse product, just a professional one for Athletes.

DC Rainmaker of course made the definitive review here

Dear 920XT you have been my faithful running, swimming and cycling partner for over 12 months now.  Thanks for all that number recording and reporting of my slow progress towards fitness.

Numbers 12"