Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Freedom of Action

Stones: Can't Always Get

Subtitle:  Just Because

Perhaps you remember as a child or today as a parent confrontations with each other:

Child: I want to pick my nose.  I like it.
Parent: But it's disgusting and I tell you to stop

Parent: I'm going to cycle on the Dual Carriageway
Daughter: This is a high traffic dangerous route. It's not safe and there is a great chance that in a small timeframe you will be knocked over and seriously injured.

What are the limits of freedom of action that a child or Parent should enjoy?

Over Christmas Marcus had his own frustrations ....

The Shitty Keyboard

Their Defenses.  I was told:

- I just like my keyboard
- I just don't like your keyboard
- I don't mind the sticking keys
- I don't think the wires are a problem

The Solution

So now whenever I visit I have to come with my own  bloody keyboard.  I cannot tell you how irritating this is!  

I stare with hatred  at that shitty sticking mechanical keyboard as it silently mocks me as I work. I contend that absolutely nobody can use this keyboard unless they barely do any typing.  I do a lot.

In Summary
As we get older we get more grumpy and set in our ways.  And here I am just talking about Marcus!

Freedom of Choice 2014
Freedom of Choice 2016