Friday, December 02, 2016

Clean Clean

Buggles: Clean Clean

Subtitle: Stuart prepares for Winter

You might think of this as cliche but Switzerland really has some excellent Cleaning facilities that help us to keep our Motorhome Stuart so very very clean.

Our local carwash,  well our favourite one of two is only 1.5Km away.

Jean-Michel the owner is getting quite carried away.  He just installed a hot air dryer so that you can literally blow dry your car after a wash.  What a guy!

There is also a fancy machine to clean any floor mats

Winter Preparation for Stuart

Aside from over 2 hours of internal and external cleaning and washing  we carried out some final preparations to put Stuart to bed for the winter.  It's unlikely that we will drive him in the Winter.  We do have all season tyres, but Marcus, call me chicken, do not fancy a 2600Kg motorhome sliding around on a steep mountain pass.  No!

Upper right is a know that opens a valve draining all the water from the 100 litre freshwater tank.  We emptied the tank 2 days ago using the pump and tap in the sink but a small amount of water normally remains.  So opening this valve drains everything so nothing can freeze.

This is the Hot Water system dump valve.  You open it so that if the temp is below freezing water comes out of the system instead of freezing the pipes

Meanwhile Earlier this Year
Earlier this year Marcus had the dubious pleasure of driving up a snowy mountain pass with the prospect of black ice just around the corner.  Not again this year please!

And Finally

We are back home in CH and relaxing.  You can see that winter is biting hard.  So hard that tomorrow we may have to go out on our race road bicycles.  In December!