Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Running

 Marcus and Agata thought we might be the only sensible  (some say pretentious) couple publishing running photos on Facebook over Christmas.

But apparently not!

From a selection of non Elite Runner friends we have seen posts of runs and so we would like to add our own too.

Not Losing It
Particuarly with age we find that Daily Exercise and a constantly vigilant /Don't eat Crap Food/ diet are necessary to stay in reasonable shape.

Perhaps their might have been a time or even a decade when boasting that you had 
a) Gone down the pub
b) Stopped off for a Kebab
c) And a McDonalds

might have been seen as a positive boast.  But today we hope that things have changed.  The above would be something to have kept secret and not advertised.

Sounds like a detail but I found a pair of Thermal Under Armour running trousers.  Just so comfortable I could not wait to get outside and run.

The authorities have put up a formal 5Km and 10Km signed running track in our Forest.  Oh, the cheek of it.  I suppose we will find other people in our forest now.

 A picture from Christmas day.   We are taking it easy

This was all the snow that we saw.  I know a total joke!  There have been winters here where there was a 50 cm covering and to have nothing, well it is quite extraordinary.

But it did make the forest training runs easy.  Almost too easy!

Oh And Finally
We have a moderately famous saying.  

Always be fit enough to run a Marathon at any time.

In the next few days we plan to test this saying

Multiple times.

To be continued.

Bruce: Born to Run