Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas and Stuff

What you see is predominantly 3 boxes.

They are approximately half of Marcus's spare loose clothes collection.  You know things like underwear, socks, long sleeved tops.

It has taken quite some time to whittle down, i.e. by wearing out, my excess clothes collection down to its absolute minimum.

But I am almost there

And so:  It would be of the utmost stupidity to go on a buying spree this Christmas and increase the collection beyond my needs, or to have to receive an impromptu selection of clothes from well wishing friends.

An Appeal Then
Today is Christmas Eve

Most shops in Europe are open for your Business.

Please don't blow it at this last minute and buy yourselves or others /crap Christmas presents/.

Just hang in there for one more day.

The Christmas Eve Reduction Game

This Christmas Eve Marcus and Agata are entertaining ourselves with a different sort of past time.  We are scouring the house for items that we no longer need.

So that on balance after a modest present exchange on Christmas day we will hopefully end up with net less stuff in the house rather than more.   What you see is Marcus' 199x telephone travel adapter kit.  This enabled me to make an Analog modem connection from my portable computer to the Telephone, in nearly any country in the world, and, wait for it, connect at a then staggering 3K Bytes/second.  Ah, those were the [bad old] days before the invention of DSL or Wireless Networking.

I think we can safely take this to the ElectroTrash recycling depot here in 2016.


So we wish you a minimalist 2016 Christmas, give thoughtfully.

The Deadweight Loss
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