Saturday, November 12, 2016

What Price Crime

Subtitle: The ever growing House Hunting requirements list

It's no secret Marcus and Agata need to move to a lower cost economy.   So our list of requirements that we must have, should have and ideally have are continuously being updated.

Recently whilst researching a UK property we saw what looked like local motorhome storage about 1Km away.   However Googling turned up the fact that this was a 'travelers' Camp organised by the council and the subject of quite a few thefts related to this area.

So for the UK we found out that you can simply goto


Enter the postcode of interest and then find out about the reported crimes for the area.  Wow!  This combination of Police transparency leveraged by the Internet gives us instant crime statistics and a wealth of information and detail quite unimaginable even just a decade ago.

So regretfully in addition to things like

- Number of Dry Days per Month
- Internet Speed
- Proximity to Supermarkets
- Roads suitable for Cycling
- Environment suitable for Exercise e.g. Hiking and Running
- Not at risk of flooding
- Good communication links to Airports preferably via Rail

We now add

- Not an area of pronounced crime be it serious or trivial!

Will we ever find a Suitable Place to Live ?  Hmmm.