Friday, November 25, 2016

The UK Snoopers Charter

Rockwell: Watching Me

For those of us who are just a little bit worried about Google reading all of our gmails, the UK government has now set the bar substantially higher

The Investigatory Powers Act

Status: Awaiting Royal Ascent

In picture for those too lazy to read the articles from the links below:

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Marcus Analysis
So the bill has passed thru the UK Parliamentary framework and the last Royal Ascent phase is just a formality.

Essentially if you read thru the linked articles it's basically a travesty and a shit show.  Anybody using the Internet in the UK via their fixed line or mobile phone will be compromised i.e. recorded.

- Whilst I am a very public person, and happily divulge many aspects of our boring lives I'm not convinced that this Bill has its heart in any shape of form the right direction

- The Bill essentially says: We're collecting all this personal information so that we can track the bad guys!

- I'm pretty sure all ISP's and mobile providers have a real headache on their hands.   Maybe the UK gov should get Marcus and Agata to audit these guys.  Boy would that be fun

- I remember when I turned on Packet Inspection on our Firewalls and watched the Speed Drop like a stone.  So yes UK ISP's are probably shitting themselves.  Will they pass these added infrastructure costs onto Joe Public I wonder?

- But wait, if I just VPN  (Virtual Private Network) my Browser Connection thru a remote non UK provider won't that hide everything?

- Wait, if I use something like a Tor anonymizer won't that hide everything?

- Is the UK in a Snooping Race with the USA and embarrassed that the NSA has had similar abilities for years.   UK is merely placing catch-up

- Whilst the Government reserves the right to Snoop it wants to heavily penalise UK business who have lower security standards via GDPR.  Oh the irony.

Overall,  as usual the technically savvy, and I hope this includes Marcus and Agata, if we reside in the UK,  will just side stop all of this crap, and hide everything or anything that we want to.  And logically then we have to suppose the Bad guys really know nothing much about Encryption Protocols.