Monday, November 28, 2016

The Internet: Don't Home without IT

If you think it is merely foolish to leave home without your portable Internet connection then it may follow that to buy a quality home without a convincingly strong Internet connection, in 2016 is

The height of insanity

The Exclusions

- You currently don't have any Internet connections and no computers or smartphones. You are proud of being a technological neathandatal

- You are extremely old with no interest in technology and about to exit the planet

- You are living in a fantasy world where you think a large house in the country does not need an Internet connection. Just like in your parents age the quality of the staff is what is important.

- The Bible did not mention the Internet and consequently you don't need it. [Note, other religious texts are available, they also exclude any explicit reference, how strange]

In 2016 best practise would be to have

- A smartphone with an unlimited data plan, ideally for your country and all you regularly travel into

- A home Internet connection, uncapped with at least 30 and ideally over 100 Mbps downstream connection.

- If you make extensive use of Cloud Services, WebHosting ideally 100Mbps+ upstream

- For the home a backup Mobile 4G LTE connection in case the Fibre Drops

In reality

Marcus has found a property, in a really secluded location. No fibre. But with Satellite and a BT copper connection. Let's look at

Can you see the satellite latency! So using any interactive application, for example a Web Browser !!! results in a tedious user experience.

Mobile 4G LTE
With this current dismal Internet connectivity the only possible saviour would be a 4G i.e. Long Term Evolution (LTE) connection

After some hours of fiddling success:

Quite a few networks were found and some notable exceptions

Base equipment used for testing. Our trusty Asus 4G-N12

Now time to vary the position and height of the reciever

This is what happens when you run SpeedTest and each 50-100MB test download eats up your 2GB data allowance in literally minutes.

Finally a half decent result with Marcus doing some acrobatics on a rooftop. I hope the potential new neighbours don't think a crazy person is coming to stay.

Other Considerations

In the UK it might be difficult to find an uncapped PAYG or Pay Monthly plan for mobile data. Even if it says uncapped there may be a small asterisk saying, uncapped means please don't exceed 15GB per month. As a counter example, Marcus recently uploaded 7000 GB to a Cloud provider in 3 days, just as a test, at home in Switzerland. This could not be achieved in the UK via any Mobile or Land Fibre connection. Hmm. Taking a step backwards in life is always painful.

Stepping back below uncapped 100Mbit/sec download, ultra low latency Internet, is almost your only choice in the UK, is going to be a tough one. To be continued.

Acceptable Internet Speeds in 2016