Monday, November 14, 2016

Remembrance Sunday

Marcus spent a moving Sunday in Yarm England this Sunday November 13th 2016

For those who are basically clueless it was Remembrance Sunday

The cadet force were present

It was bitterly cold, down to about 3 degrees so Marcus retreated to a Coffee shop for primarily warmth and also in this case an overpriced but certainly tasty cup of full fat coffee.

The turnout was substantial and the names of the local Soldiers killed in the First, Second and Korean wars were read out aloud.

 There was also the traditional 2 minutes of silence  held until 11am.

I should mention that the Christian Church integrated itself into what I regard as a Secular ceremony.  The Church of England were represented in a prime spot and indeed the whole celebration was [unfortunately and practically speaking  an Open Air Sunday Christian Service.

I paid my respects, because I certainly value, respect and deeply appreciate the sacrifices made by British / Allied soldiers in support of the values and freedoms that we now enjoy.  Finally it was time for a 10Km run home.   Given my statements above the full range of emotions and experiences varied from small annoyance, to major respect and gratitude.

02 Beach Scene 

03 Beach Scene

04 Beach Scene