Saturday, November 19, 2016

Relaxing with Friends

Those of us who have been intolerably busy for extended periods of their lives like Marcus and Agata usually have a /too busy/ story.

Marcus tells the story of how he did /not even/ have the time to cut and trim his fingernails.  I recall [the comedian] Frank Skinner used to tell the tale he was so busy that he bought /grated cheese/ because he had no time to grate cheese.

We all have our tales!  And stories and recollections, hopefully of busy times past

So here, today, this is just a wonderful thank you to the many Friends and Family members that I've had wonderful conversations with in the last 2 weeks. Actually, not just meaningful talks, but dinners and cakes and coffee.   The sort of timeless hospitality that I and many over-stressed time poor executives was never able to appreciate whilst younger.

Roll on old age.

Thank you again to ALL.

Over to you Orbital

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