Tuesday, November 22, 2016

On Liberty

One might ask why Marcus should choose to share the following rather personal information on the Interweb.  I can only say that it further defines me and also can be a comforting pointer to others in my situation.

Who Can You Trust?
Somewhat early in life Marcus became sure that it was an error of the gravest proportion to take the words of my parents as in any way factual without verification.

Now today in 2016 this verification would be easy with tools such as Google and the wider Internet.  Then, back before you could spell Arpanet: not so easy.  But the path to self knowledge at an early age is a stony uphill one,  it's along the lines of Descartes  Cogito Ergo Sum

I did however fall in like  with John Stuart Mill  (JSM) a philosopher whose pushy childhood upto the age of just 8 and even Birthday seemed to have an uncanny resonance with young Marcus.

In later life I even studied JSM at University Level where the resonance was cemented and especially because of course I was supposed to be studying, writing and excelling in Engineering not Philosophy.  Like Mill in later life it was good to exercise my mind studying a passion I could choose instead of one that I could not.

I'm rambling onward to say that I recommend IMHO his greatest work

On Liberty

to all troubled yet thinking souls and as my starter for 10 his famous classification of self regarding and other regarding actions.

Thanks for reading this, now how about some JSM?

Meanwhile: On Utilitarianism