Thursday, November 24, 2016

More Thanks are Due

Bokka: Town of Strangers

Subtitle: In England, everything is easy.
And perhaps better?

In the last 14 days,  Marcus has asked total strangers for

- Tips about the area
- Directions
- Advice on Buying Property
- The Weather
- How to Open a Bank Account
- About Property Refurbishment
- Directions to the Pub
- The local walking path
- About Supermarket points system
- Local Cycling Club
- Running and Cycling Routes

In All Cases  the great British public have been so so helpful.  I even got chatting to a local specialist car dealer (in Oakham)  who gave me his card and told me I could contact him to send me any property we found and he'd pass on his evaluation to us.  Wow.

A good friend from London on hearing about the mandatory Swiss Wealth Tax and Healthcare costs told me:   Are you f****ing crazy, come home immediately.

So whilst the jury is still out,  the return to Blighty becomes more likely with each day I spent back in wonderful, wonderful Engerland.

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