Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Madonna: Holiday

Subtitle: That Election

The Timeline

Well some of us are celebrating

The Explanation: Why Trumpy Won

Like British BREXIT, voting for /The Donald/ in the US 2016 Election was the quintessential protest vote.  And as such for people with genuine complaints about 'the System' this was the correct thing to do.

But I emphasise caution.  The Trump presentation was:

- Us Americans, we were great
- Today not so great
- Your situation and that of our country is just not your fault
- It's primarily the fault of 'the others'.   This could be racial minorities, foreigners, bad business pratices of foreign powers.  You know the score
- But for all that unfairness, well America would become Great Again
- And under my guidance, America will become great again.

So if all of the above is correct then voting Trump was surely the right thing to do.

Counterpoint: Many people, Americans and Others would argue that America can never recover to be leader in Engineering, Manufacturing and Design like it used to be.   The world has moved on with genuinely Lower Cost economies,  with Countries that Out Engineer and Out Design the USA.  And finally transparency of Information thanks to the Internet which means that Information Hiding just won't fly in this modern world.

So which side of the fence do you sit upon?

Is today a great day when the America people will be inspired and set free to become truly great again.   Or a giant step into totally the wrong direction.

Madonna: Holiday