Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Freedom of Choice

Devo: Freedom Of Choice

Subtitle: The Multiplicity of Truth

This is probably a very topical subject in view of the recent American Presidential Election.

Marcus has spent the last view days in the company of friends and family with varying degrees of annoyance, pleasure, and deep and meaningful conversations.

There were no new discoveries. But some ugly truths hit home ... hard

- We all have preferences: For example I might like Cheddar Cheese, you might hate Cheddar but love Gruyere

- But beyond preferences some of us, even in the same family can have radically different belief systems

- Some of us might actually not believe in democracy

- Some people believe that others should not have a choice

- Some people believe that the Earth is absolutely no older than 6000 years and that the Bible (and no other Religious text) is the only word of God.

- Some people are happy with their viewpoints, they don't want to be lectured to on any subject, and they are able but not prepared to take on a new view that don't accord to their world view

- Some people maintain their right, i.e. their freedom of choice both to deny others choice and also to advocate those so denied will be happier without said choice. (Whilst at the same time believing in their on freedom of choice to hold these private views and make them public).

 And finally:

Do you relatives or even fellow humans deserve special treatment just because they are so? For example compared to sentient Animal life. I'll close with one of many thought provoking videos from Peter:

Peter Singer: Animal Rights and Rights