Tuesday, November 01, 2016

$easonally yours

In Retail, Christmas or the Christma$$  season as it is variously known keeps arriving earlier.  The above picture is from September 6th this year in a shop in Switzerland.

So what are sellers planning?  And will it work?  Some thoughts

Samsung Christmas
(Buy our gimmick)

Samsung will do nothing but offer a new colour for Christmas shoppers.    Tell me Sammy,  are you seriously expecting existing customers to say:   You know, I need a new colour of phone for Christmas.   I'll have one.

Nestle Christmas
(Free machine? )
There is no doubt that Nespresso coffee is a wonderful innovation.  It's able to deliver you a coffee, of your favourite flavour, within 60 seconds, in a clean, almost hygenic fashion.

And every Christmas there will be an offer!  In 2016 as for 2015 there is a large free capsule opportunity.  And this really is a tremendous bargain .. buying a machine will give you a capsule freebie almost to the value of the machine.  I know, so how is it working?  It works because over time the cost of the machine is insignificant.   It's the modern day free blade shaver model you learnt in Economics 101, re-imagined for 2016.

Tag Heuer Connected
(Really Exclusive)

The Tag connected watch has already been the choice of the Technical Elite in the last year.  Now there is an interesting development:  Rose Gold Edition for about 10K USD.  Interesting because although widely reported,  you won't find it online officially ...

a)  Tag is just feeding the media hype and seeing who will run with this mythical product.
b) Tag really is proposing a 10K version because at 1.5K USD the watch is rather cheap considering the brand and other brand competition.   Tag does not want cheap
c) Friends tell me it's not available online at all, only by walking into a store, ah, this explains the lack of official web presence

If it's really (c) then Tag is promoting exclusivity through secrecy,  it's the old fashioned way indeed.

Oh Donald

When Jerry met the President

One thing we all have to factor in [for Christmas] is that /the Donald/ is likely to win the US presidency.   The overriding reason is I would hope we can all agree is not policy related.  It is just a protest vote pure and simple.   Many US population demographics have fallen on bad times, and they just can't accept it.   Trump says a) It's not your fault b) It's somebody else's fault   c) We are going to be great under my command.     In a nutshell: delusion trumps reality.  (If you doubt this just ask any Religious person about a Religion other than their own)

I'm mentioning Donald only because it could significantly effect the kind of Christmas retail or otherwise we will all have this year. And I mean globally.

Oh, and the video,  yes watch it now, because the forthcoming President will not be so charismatic, that I can guarantee.

Oh Apple

MacBook Pro 2016 review

Don't take my word for it, I've been Apple skeptic / allergic for some time. Google it.  I'll just relate that the latest MacBook Pro further shifts Apple product lines away from Professional Creative users to just user$$.    So for Christmas, please support them generously.

Oh Google

Google Pixel: Tech Chap review

All the early reports are that the Google Pixel is an amazing phone but not at an amazing price.  Traditionally Google devices from Phones to Chromecast have always been reasonably priced.  But no longer. Google's new strategy is to charge, I mean a lot, and that to me is a pity.   (Oh and also not to sell any new devices in Switzerland yet, which to be honest is a relief from temptation)

Oh Music

Yes Billboard even has a chart.   It a toss up between this drivel and a stream of recycled compilations from increasingly elderly musicians needing some Christmas ca$h.   So please give generously.

Christma$ is no time for the poor especially in 2016