Sunday, November 13, 2016

Don't It Always Seem To Go

Stones: Can't Always Get What you Want

Marcus aims to travel light but after almost 2 hours of trying to logon to a simple website,  with my patience exhausted, and steam almost coming out of my ears I have invoked the emergency Internet Plan.

Marcus is visiting a friend where he has 0 mobile Internet coverage  (I know), and where the home DSL internet connection looks like this

I know it's 2016 not 1916 in most parts of the world,  but here at this undisclosed location, where time forgot, the Internet forgot, well it is just pure hell.  Things like booking a meal, a taxi, checking email, or the weather tomorrow, even these simple things rendered impossibly difficult sans Internet.

So off to my vehicle where I extracted the Emergency Router in the Trunk.

I placed my Phone SIM into this ASUS router, and well, almost prayed.

Okay, it is still insulting slow, but with the ASUS 4G-N12 super sensitive SIM based router I got from 0 on the mobile phone  upto 1.5Mbps.  Something is better than nothing

Over to you Janet

Janet: Got till It's Gone

And somewhat poignantly considering the times, over to you Leonard:

Leonard: Hallelujah