Friday, November 18, 2016

Decathlon Wed'ze

I know what you are thinking, why did Marcus spend all those decades as a Professional Engineer when it is clear from this photograph that he could have instead made it big as a top flight Underwear Model :-)

This is just a short post to say that in Europe the winter nights are drawing in and temperatures are dropping.

Last week whilst driving thru France from Switzerland I visited my favourite sports store with sensible prices


Side Note
Decathlon promised to open a retail or online presence in Switzerland, but you can see from this web store  that at the time of writing November 18th 2016 it has not happened yet in Switzerland.   One word: Cartel!  Discuss.

Decathlon Wed'ze

This is a base level and I mean base level in price of Ski Clothing

Wed'ze all == 646 Products

Wed'ze less than 10 GBP

Simple Mens Warm trousers Black 3.99 GBP

Simple Mens Top Black 3.99 GBP

So I am just giving 2 specific examples that I invested in, not for snowboarding, but for winter warm pyjamas.  I am currently giving them a workout whilst living in the Motorhome in England as Marcus evaluates new homes.   At night time with temperatures outside at about 5 degrees and inside not much warmer they are able to keep me warm very effectively.  And for a combined price of less than 10 GBP.  Yes, it is absolutely bonkers.

In Summary

- Decathlon Wed'ze is a snowboarding brand from Decathlon
- Warm Clothing at pretty insanely low prices
- You don't have to use it for snowboarding
- I recommend Decathlon for their no nonsense, pretentious free product line
- Wed'ze offers me good simple clothing, that actually works, at fair prices

Please don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself!